Home of the Rock Band Splinter

The man behind splinter's mask is front-man vocalist/guitarist George Smith. Smith wrote and recorded fragments of the splinter in 1997, followed by sew it shut in 1999 as a solo artist.  The band was put together immediately there-after and spent from 2000 - 2005 touring up and down the eastern half of the US, gaining fans and admiration with their razor-cutting songs. Splinter has been playing throughout the years non-stop through George's solo acoustic gigs and the band's all original shows with long time members, Matt Cannon on bass and vocals. Chris Hartman on guitars and vocals, and Al Palatucci on the drums. 

(update 2010) Splinter was disbanded temporarily while George Motorbiked around the world leaving in August 2009 and riding thru USA, Canada, and New Zealand (so far.) Inspiring George to write material for the latest Splinter CD "thoughts from a jar." He returned (for now) in July of 2010. Twelve new tracks have been written and are currently being promoted at gigs and across the world online.


(update 2005) Splinter hit the scene in 1997 with a musical style so broad that descriptions have ranged from acoustic dreaminess with entrancing lyrics to industrialized throttle and industrial with a heart. Subsequent years found the band touring the east coast, drawing fans from New York to Florida and captivating audiences with an intense live show.

After self-producing their first two releases, the band entered the studio in 2001 with producer/engineer Alan Yates (Collective Soul) to begin work on what would become their most elaborate effort to date. Recording at Atlanta's Songbird Studios and removed from the distractions of their Philadelphia home, the band turned out the ten songs that would become their 1st full length CD, The Emptying.

Released in January 2002, The Emptying is an appealing collection of modern rock tracks, combining commercial appeal with the lyrical and emotional depth Splinters fans have come to anticipate. The Emptying showcases Smiths aggressive fusion of lush electronica, haunting melodies and pensive lyrics. The 10-track collection is being hailed by fans and critics alike as their most impressive work to date.

The hopeful single, Carry Me, raced up the charts on MP3.com, and the album is available at area record stores (Sam Goody, Tower) and online at Cdbaby.com, Bestbuy, ITunes, Napster, MSN and Musicmatch just to name a few. The bands website ( www.splintertheband.com) has drawn fans from around the country, and even internationally, with mentions in online fanzines from Japan and the U.K.

The band released their second CD titled "its not about you" which came out in October 2005. On this 17-track collection, Smith continues to prove himself an astonishing songwriter, filling tracks with his haunting melodies of life and love forlorn while still keeping the beats fresh and modern. 

"This industrial group's moody dirges bring down tears from the heavens. sonatas of sorrow bleeding with an esoteric ache for all the broken hearts to hear. the beauty of their music lies in the dream they create between the void of despair and whispers of redemption."

Splinter is:
George Smith - Vocals, Guitars
Matt Cannon - Bass, vocals
Al Palatucci - Drums
Chris Hartman - Guitars, vocals